Working to Preserve Native Wildlife

The Maryland Zoo is committed to preserving all wildlife, including native wildlife, and to this end maintains a strong working relationship with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. The Zoo participates annually in DNR’s Black Bear Project, sending a veterinary team to western Maryland to work side by side with DNR colleagues, lend support to an important wildlife management program, and contribute to the conservation of the American black bear, a flagship native species. The Zoo also works closely with DNR to monitor and protect other native species, including endangered bog turtles, brown pelicans in the Chesapeake Bay, and snowy owls wintering in Maryland. Eastern box turtles and many other native species thrive in the dense forest of the Zoo and the rest of Druid Hill Park. The Zoo has been studying box turtles in the park since the 1990’s, and continues to monitor the population’s health and movements in the ecosystem they share with us.

Conservation Partner: Maryland Department of Natural Resources